Wall Mount TV



The Big Screen Store’s installers will deliver, unpack, and mount TV to customer’s wall and, where possible, hide wires behind drywall to components below within a single stud bay.  Additional charges may apply for hiding wires behind brick, masonry, plaster, or for long wire runs outside of the stud bay where the TV is mounted.  Additional charges will apply when hanging a TV over a fireplace and/or on a swivel mount bracket.  Potential additional charges can be determined prior to purchasing installation with a free in-home survey.

The Big Screen Store’s installers will setup customer’s cable/satellite receiver, game systems, dvd/bluray,  and configure with customer’s wireless network where available.  Customer must supply or purchase any necessary cables and a bracket (HDMI, optical, speaker wire, etc) prior to installers’ arrival.  Additional charges apply for setting up audio equipment.