Basic Audio Installation



The Big Screen Store’s professional installers will setup a new or existing surround sound system, soundbar, or stereo.

The installation team will set up the newly purchased television on furniture and will hook up the supplied speakers to the amplifier, receiver, or Television directly. Any included remote (with the exception of custom programmed remote control systems and/or home automation systems) will be programmed to control basic power, volume, and menu control functions if applicable. Audio calibration (if supplied by product manufacturer and included in product price) will be performed in site in the room where the equipment is to be located. Devices (Cable box, Blu-ray player etc.) will be hooked into sound system and/or Television with customer supplied cabling or cabling purchased at the time of sale. Any speaker wiring will be cleanly ran in a visible manner between components and/or speakers along the floor in a manner both acceptable and allowable in the residence. Any speaker wiring ran through the walls where the wiring is attached to a speaker either sitting on the floor, and/or on a supplied tabletop will be connected.


(*Basic audio installation does not include the following: 1) Installing wiring behind wall, floor or ceiling surfaces; 2) Wiring ran under floor boards or wall to wall carpet; 3) Mounting of any television(s); 4) Mounting of speakers on wall or in wall